Parallel vote-tally (PVT)

Welcome to the first photo-sourced observer tally ever done in Haiti. After a year in which Haitian-national electoral observation was highly politicized and misleading, the Haiti Democracy Project offers examples of carefully-documented observation in hopes of making electoral observation more useful to Haiti in the future. The provenance of photos for this tally was random, based only on availability of observers. The photos come from 392 polling places in all ten departments comprising 4 percent of the national vote, After perusing the tally, you can compare its percentages per candidate to the official results


Photos of 392 returns taken in the polling places

Each photo was taken locally and does not depend on the Tabulation Center. Each photo is linked to an entry in the PVT. The advantage is that you can immediately verify the numbers in the PVT by calling up the supporting photo


Verify official returns against these photos

Click on the "Matches CEP?" column to see the official, countable return. You can then verify it against the photo taken in the polling place. Just click on the candidates' tally entries immediately to the left. This is a mandatory check because of discrepancies in previous elections


Party poll-watchers' signoff

The witness of election monitors sent by candidates is a cornerstone of the system. In this last column labeled "Losing poll-watchers' signoff" you can check where they signed the return, signifying their assent. A blank entry in this column means that this page was not received


The quarantine

Our total sample comprises 45,915 votes of which the Tabulation Center excluded 4,072, or 9 percent. Without the quarantine the order of finishers in the sample would not change. Jovenel Moïse would lose one percentage point. Moïse and Jude Célestin had the same number of votes quarantined but Célestin with only half of Moïse's votes had double his percentage of quarantine



Incidence of quarantine in this sample

Jovenel Moïse
Jean-Charles Moïse
Jude Célestin
Maryse Narcisse
All others
426 1,692 138 120

The Tabulation Center does not publish its reasons for quarantining but you can check the quarantine for these two issues:

1. Technical lapses

Of the quarantined sample 57 percent had minor technical faults:

Poll-worker name(s) omitted (2x) Overwriting and/or crossing out tally entries (4x) Discrepancy between literal and numerical rendering Tally order reversed

Uneven spacing

Missing tally entries (2x)

Photos cut off (2x)

Unknown (5x)


2. Disproportionate vote

The other 43 percent excluded (below) does not show any of the technical faults of the first group but rather an unusually high vote for one candidate

Jovenel Moise
Jean-Charles Moise
Jude Celestin
Maryse Narcisse
All others
11 5 0 3
3 87 0 1
4 90 0 1
2 166 1 6
2 190 0 0
0 230 0 3
5 242 1 4
17 190 5 7
19 186 1 10
63 1,386 8 35

A review of the entire sample shows Jovenel Moïse with 118 more votes that might have been quarantined if the disproportion criterion had been applied consistently, but Jude Célestin with 1,469 more which would have doubled his quarantine.